APPIA Development

Business Development, Events, Real Estate

APPIA Development bundles extensive expertise in the areas of brand heritage and (classic) mobility. In legal terms, the company is a joint venture, which brings together experience and scalable resources from relevant disciplines: consulting, automotive, real estate, marketing, technology, digital. APPIA generally uses its know-how on a project basis on behalf of customers, but also within the framework of its own companies.

APPIA as an implementation partner

We advise and support you in the successful implementation of your business model, especially in the traditional mobility market. We support this on a concept level as well as implementing it, or by enabling access to relevant partners.

We support you as an experienced partner in the development of your property and the implementation of your visions in this regard.

We design and organize tailor-made event formats with the necessary feeling for the scene – because we have been part of the community for many years.

We have been designing and implementing special properties with an automotive background for over 15 years. After intensive experience and learning processes from very large projects such as the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, our focus today is not only on accompanying such complex projects, but also on smaller and faster implementable units, which are primarily aimed at the highly interesting and demanding clientele of vehicle collectors. Speed ​​in implementation, flexible reaction to market conditions and the occupation of niche locations are what set us apart. We are driven by a deep passion for vehicles, excellent market knowledge and, above all, satisfied customers.

Our organizational integration with the owner-managed contagi group with locations in Switzerland, Germany and China, offers us access to consulting and methodological know-how, including automotive retail excellence as well as additional scalable consulting resources.

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