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Car Sharing for Classic Cars

Since 2010 a almost unique concept in Germany exists in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt: A Classic Car Sharing Club. Members have access to a comprehensive fleet of classic vehicles from different eras, types and origins. In addition to this shared garage, members enjoy events, a network of like-minded people and access to a special location throughout the year. AUTOMOBILE MEILENSTEINE has also been active in Munich in the new MotorWorld since 2021.

Events with Classic Cars

In addition, AUTOMOBILE MEILENSTEINE offers a full-service event agency that plans, accompanies and executes automotive events, presentations, trips, classic car rallies and its own formats – B2B and B2C, scalable and combinable. Through years of experience from> 150 events on behalf of customers alone, we guarantee professional and emotional events.

The Cars of our Fleet

The AUTOMOBILE MEILENSTEINE fleet includes classics that were icons of their time. The constantly changing range includes real “top-class products” such as the Porsche 911 “oil flap”, Ferrari 328 GTS and E-Type V12. And, in addition, everyday classics such as the VW Beetle, Bulli or Volvo PV544.


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